About Us

We are a Mexican company with a strong track record in the real estate market. We offer properties in attractive locations in Mexico and prominent cities in the United States, such as Miami, Orlando, Austin, and Dallas.  

As promoters and advisors for unique development projects, we strive to provide our clients with secure participation in the real estate business while offering them the opportunity to live transformative experiences. Our primary focus is creating vibrant spaces overflowing with life and endless possibilities.  

We are committed to our clients and seek to establish solid and lasting relationships, turning them into valuable investment partners. We prioritize the growth and security of their assets and work tirelessly to ensure their satisfaction at every stage of the process. 

Discover Aquarela’s Investment Facilitation

Your gateway to transformative investments. We specialize in nurturing connections between man, nature, and community.

Our focus: Real estate developments that enable unique, nature-infused living experiences. Explore opportunities that resonate with a harmonious lifestyle, fostering unity with surroundings and fellow investors.

Join us in building investments combining nature and experience for a distinctive living narrative.

Your investment journey with Aquarela

  • Soft Landing Solutions: Seamlessly integrating you into new markets, minimizing risks, and adapting to local nuances.
  • Tailored Investment Consultancy: Leveraging insights and industry expertise to create personalized and creative investment strategies that align with your unique objectives and vision.
  • Legal, Financial, and Regulatory Auditing: Offering comprehensive assessments that encompass legal conformity, financial evaluation, and market norm compliance, ensuring that your investments are not only promising but also protected.
  • Negotiation with Mexican Entities: Utilizing in-depth knowledge of local business culture to facilitate effective negotiations, securing favorable terms and successful collaborations.
  • Technology-Driven Analytics: Employing cutting-edge technology to enhance decision-making, optimize investment portfolios, and provide real-time insights.
  • VIP Member Services: Offering an exclusive suite of services designed to provide personalized attention, priority access, and unparalleled support.
  • Sustainable Growth Opportunities: Crafting strategies that combine financial growth with eco-conscious decisions, embracing the future with responsibility and finesse.
  • Legal Assurance of Investment Functionality: Ensuring that each investment operates within the legal framework, providing peace of mind and robust security.

Be part of transforming real estate investments, generating cultural and ecological value alongside Aquarela. 

Let’s forge a future where real estate investments go beyond profitability and promote integration and cooperation. 

Aquarela, the perfect synthesis of business and culture, invites you to be part of this exciting reality. 

Discover Mexico’s cultural richness and hospitality by investing in our real estate developments.

My home is your home; invest in the heart of this country, full of nature, beaches, and unique experiences!

We open the doors of our country to you, so you can experience the historical and cultural essence by investing in our real estate developments.

Here, your investment is an opportunity to enrich your life and enjoy the best that Mexico has to offer.

Welcome to Mexico, the land of hospitality and cultural heritage. We invite you to invest in our country, where our real estate developments offer a unique and profitable experience.

Meet our team

José Suarez Picazo

Architect, Founder, Associate CEO

Luis H. Jure

Architect, Founder, Associate CEO

René Maldonado

Lawyer, Founder, Associate Director

Xavier Ramos

Engineer Technology

Carlos Van Hasselt


Rafael Moreno

Architect, BIM Manager

Rodolfo Tosca

Architect, BIM & MEP Manager